Tunes on Tuesday ~ Blues Brothers

everybody needs somebody to love

I first came across the Blues Brothers on a family vacation to Florida, which included visits to the theme parks.  In Walt Disney World there was a street performance of Blues Brothers music, nerdy but great.  I’ve liked the disreputable due ever since.

A black suit can look cool, but only if it’s clean and pressed.

Once in my lifetime I will perform that at a Karaoke pub.

Before you mock try following the dance moves.


jack collier

14 responses

  1. love the song. yep, I love my dogs, and my dogs love me too. And of coz my family 😉 good enough 🙃no? :))

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    1. Great song.
      Interesting you love your dogs, but you don’t want to be in love with the guy you’ve just fucked ❤

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      1. Exactly. Don’t wanna… but!! he can be a fuck buddy😉🤫🧐

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        1. I just know that most guys would think that being your fuck buddy would be fabulous fun <3; -) ❤

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      2. No one will love you as ur dog or yourself 🙂

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        1. TRUTH, or your teddy bear. ❤

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  2. What Belushi and Aykroyd started as a bit for Saturday Night Live turned in to some good music. They put together some of the best blue musicians and worked hard. They even had an album with some great tunes

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    1. The backing band in the Blues Brothers was fabulous. 😉

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  3. I loved the movie! Brilliant! Thanks for this reminder!

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    1. Some Brilliant one-liners ❤

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  4. Icons of American pop culture. Belushi and Aykroyd epitomize brilliance in performing skills. Still miss Belushi…

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    1. You’re right, they are both great. Great movie too. 😎

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