Songs on Saturday ~ Chris Rea

I’m never going to wait in line again

This Chris Rea track speaks to me, he’s singing about how my life was, how it is, and how it’s going to be.  I know that boardwalk and I know those streets.  I know how it feels to be trapped , waiting in line, waiting for something better….  Not a VW, and California, not Europe.

With thanks to Paula Light  for this prompt.

Pick up up your life, stop waiting, get on and do it.

Get a car, get a girl, and get out of town.


4 responses

  1. indeed this madness can not last it must end soon
    Hugs let’s dance the night away

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    1. I have to get out of this place
      if it’s the last thing I ever do
      hugs ❤

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  2. Fingers crossed this madness will end soon! 💜

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    1. Paula, we can only hope and pray. ❤

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