one way to get high blood pressure;
go mountain climbing over molehills

I have a home blood-pressure monitor I almost never use, except last Sunday morning I did.  My blood pressure was so high, and my heart rate so low that I really should have called for an emergency ambulance right there and then.  Of course being a stupid guy I didn’t ~ even though I had a stack of other warning symptoms that indicated a hypertensive emergency.  Going into a hospital full of covid patients isn’t something I wanted to do.

So, with some rest, meditation, extra potassium, no salt, no caffeine, no booze, (I don’t drink anyway, nor do I smoke), and some dark chocolate my blood pressure is now just far too high and not fucking dangerous.

Today, and finally, I had my very first ever telephone conversation with a doctor.

The upshot is that I’m now on blood-pressure medication, which I expected.  It’s called amlodipine and comes with a stack of nasty potential side effects.  I am also being scheduled a blood test, which I half expected.  What I didn’t expect it to be scheduled for an MRI and a CT scan.

It seems that I may just be a lot sicker than I thought.

Some say that high blood pressure is the silent killer.  And that you can keep your blood pressure under control if you live a healthy life.  All I know is that risking a stroke isn’t worth the dubious pleasures of smoking, drinking, and being overweight.


jack collier


stiletto heels are enough to give me high blood pressure

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  1. Please take care of yourself Jack! The world these days is very stressful, and “they” are obviously doing their best to make us insane. Keep meditating and think positive thoughts!

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    1. There’s more than enough stressful shit going on in my world, and stress is very bad for me.
      Chilling out is my mantra from now on ❤

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  2. Take care and get better soon! x

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    1. I’m doing my best Petra.
      Thanks, your recipes are going to be right in my wheelhouse. ❤

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  3. What Paula said! 💗

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    1. And, thank you Jan ❤

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