Choices, Chances, and Changes

your decisions create your ultimate destiny


some women choose to drink alone

for a while anyhow


make good choices today

so you don’t have regrets tomorrow


change is inevitable, success is optional


life is the sum of all your choices and chances


she did not love you

but you took a chance because your love was true

it turned out that was the wrong choice


the true measure of intelligence is the ability to change


a wise man sometimes changes his mind, a fool never will


jack collier


there are far better women ahead

than the ones we choose to leave behind

6 responses

  1. something I’ve realised is that when I let go, it means to LET GO and not hang on to scraps and bits that are attached to that what needs let go. Odd…

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    1. There’s letting go, and then there is still calling and emailing from time to time…..
      Letting go means goodbye forever and don’t ever look back ❤

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      1. It is very hard to truly let go of certain things. Hugs.

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  2. important to know where you are at and where you are boing and with who.
    wish it didn’t take 40 years for my ex and myself to figure out we shouldn’t be together anymore. So it is time to look for new love and lusts

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    1. Far to often we stick with people, places, and jobs just because they are familiar. No and Goodbye are words I should have used much more.

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