Lockdown Day 300

the end of civilisation as we know it?

Here in England it’s the 300th day of lockdown, quarantine, and self-isolation.  The economy has tanked, officially there are 1.9 million unemployed, and about 5.5 million are on unproductive furlough.  About half the UK workforce, some 14 million people, are ‘working from home’.  You can’t get a non-coronavirus doctor’s appointment for love nor money, some 4.6 million people are waiting for ‘non-emergency’ surgical procedures, 600,000 cervical smears have been cancelled, and our National Health Service is said to be close to meltdown.

I have no faith in any of these numbers, just as I have no faith in the ability of the British Government to act sensibly in the face of the ‘COVID-19 pandemic’.

If you’re interested, I’ve been feeling like crap for weeks.

Mind how you go.


jack collier


immunisation, the great hope for freedom?

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  1. Please hang in. This sucks on SO MANY levels, but we must endure. Isolation is damaging, so reach out when and where you can. We will all get through this.
    I’m not in isolation. Instead I’m terrified because they are bringing students back as the numbers rocket to all time highs. I pray that I’m able to avoid exposure before I can get vaccinated. 🤞🏼

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    1. Sending you my thoughts and prayers for your health and happiness.
      Reaching out to you is making my days much happier, and flirting with you is making me smile 😊💕

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      1. Thank you. Gonna do the best I can. And I’m thrilled I may be putting a smile on your face.😊

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        1. You have always brightened my day ~ and much more ❤


  2. Take care JC. Vaccine is not a magic bullet but a tool to protect self and hopefully bring about herd immunity. Whether if works or not, only time will tell. But without if, we are worst off. Hope your government don’t mess up the dosages and do the vaccination drive well

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    1. Thanks for your good thoughts. Marmaduke and I are waiting to hear when we will be inoculated. I hate needles. 😉


      1. Good luck! It should not be too painful 🤗🤗💉💉😘😘

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