Songs on Saturday ~ Umbrella

prayer is asking for rain, and faith is carrying an umbrella

Many thanks to Paula Light for the inspiration for this post.

Some say that am English Gentleman should always carry a tightly rolled umbrella.

And that sharing an umbrella with the one you love makes the sun shine on the rainiest of days.

All I know is that umbrellas are a damn nuisance on a crowded London street.

Please don’t do the hand jive to this cool song.

BTW I’m too sick to dance to this.


jack collier


a market’s sunshades on Crete

8 responses

    1. I’m so happy that you like ❤

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  1. I love these guys :)) ☕️📚 I have their album too… I even planned go to Germany to see them lol and then Corona happened 😂😶😱

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    1. Oh , How Cool ❤
      Seems like you are hip, (1960s slang there).
      Covid has put a crimp in a lot of our plans.

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      1. yep, love 60s songs 💙

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        1. Listening to ‘Albatross’ right now….
          No way even you could dance to that ❤

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  2. Rock N Roll lives in my heart

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    1. I think it’s a cool version of the song, and a great video.

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