Songs on Saturday ~ Writing’s On The Wall

the first draft is just me telling myself the story

Except the writing isn’t on the wall, or anywhere else for that matter.  Now the poetry anthology Seascapes and Serenity Lost is finished and published on Amazon, I feel the need for a new project, a new book, perhaps a collection of short stories.  Maybe I have a title Dreams of Desire, but no idea what the content is going to be.  Or how about a Bond spoof ~ maybe not.

From the James Bond movie Spectre.

You can do the pose if you wish.

Different music for me.


jack collier      ~

8 responses

  1. Surely, I am mentioned in your book ? hehehe

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      1. Oh dear god, make sure its a good read, or else Mr Jacko ehhehe

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        1. Literary, elegant, and erotic.

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  2. My lowly opinion or my 2 cents would if titled “Dreams of Desires” it should be about your dreams and desires of what you truly want and desire maybe even filled with past unfulfilled fantasies. Think positive and show the pleasures of your mind. be careful what you share with Marmy.

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    1. Marmy is a very innocent bear.

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