Coronavirus Chaos

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The British Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis is descending into farce, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson leading the charge towards chaos and civil disorder.

To begin with; England is mostly in the severest extant tier four lockdown, and faced with an even stricter tier 5, (which has yet to be invented).  Yet, Mr Johnson  is urging parents to send their youngest children to school tomorrow.  This could be a whole new ‘slaughter of the innocents’.  On the third hand, the Prime Minister has not ruled out a nationwide full shutdown of everything to try to control the new mutant strain of the virus.  Interestingly while primary schools here will be open tomorrow January 4th, no decision has yet been made on whether higher education establishments will be allowed to open even on January 18th.

It turns out that the whole lockdown idea touted by the disgraced, adulterous Professor Neil Ferguson came from Communist China.  What kind of guy is this mad professor anyway?  He’s got no medical qualifications whatsoever, in fact he never even passed a basic biology examination.  The latest on that is that lockdown hasn’t worked here because we are a ‘western liberal democracy…..’  WTF?

The vaccination programme is also in a complete mess.  Each recipient needs to receive 2 injections, spaced three weeks apart, (according to the manufacturer’s doctors and scientists).  However, in order to boost the numbers ‘vaccinated’ the idiotic health minister Matt Hancock is saying that there will be 3 months between vaccinations instead of 3 weeks.  Every statistic trotted out concerning COVID-19 is a damn lie.   As it happens a significant number of people, (perhaps 40% of the population), will turn down the opportunity of receiving the injections.

Many health professionals, such as retired doctors and practicing dentists, have given up on volunteering to administer the coronavirus vaccination because of the stupid bureaucratic nonsense surrounding the process.

Top officials in the NHS have insisted that urgent cancer operations will not be scrapped in order to free up beds for coronavirus patients.  Methinks they doth protest too much.

Meanwhile, a recent nationwide opinion poll shows that if there were a general election now, Boris Johnson’s Government would be thrown out on its ear, and he would lose his own parliamentary seat, all because of the mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis.

You couldn’t make it up.


jack collier

Nobody else is applauding you, Mr Prime Minister


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  1. OMG! I am sad that the authorities in UK are handling things so badly for Covid-19. You need to follow vaccine instructions. Sigh

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    1. If the authorities here were capable of issuing coherent instructions, then I would follow them. Just 24 hours ago some schools here were due to reopen today. Then 12 hours ago they weren’t and we have a national lockdown instead. Sigh. ❤

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      1. Really sounds like poor planning! Sorry to hear this.

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  2. sometimes me think the virus should just run thru our world let the strongest survive and build up a natural immunity.. Colds and flus come and go.
    Hang in there, friend i think the comedy will continue for awhile.

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    1. I fear we have only just started the third quarter.
      Take care Sweetheart ❤


  3. It sounds like what’s happening in the United States and the current governmental leadership. So sad!

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    1. We have donkeys for leaders.

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    1. Amazingly bad, but true.

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  4. It’s a definite shit show of incompetence for sure. 🙏 Faux

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    1. That’s an understatement 😕


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