Songs on Saturday ~ Chumbawamba

our greatest glory is not in never falling
but in rising every time we fall ~ Confucius

The start to my 2021 has not been the best of times; I’m still in lockdown, I’ve most likely got bronchitis, my heating and hot water system is busted, and my latest tarot drawing was disturbing.  But I will not go under.  Every single time that I get knocked down I get up again.

There is kindness and love out there for each of us ~ it’s just that sometimes we have to go through the Valley of Misery to find it.

Please listen with understanding.


jack collier

I am not a prisoner of my fate

2 responses

  1. A Japanese proverb: Fall down seven times, get up eight. 🙂
    Fresh chicken soup is excellent for bronchitis. Very simple to make! If you need the recipe let me know. 🙂

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    1. That’s a good proverb.
      I’d have to get someone to make it for me, I cab just about cope with warming up a can.
      Actually, making it to the bathroom is a struggle. ❤

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