December 31st

last day of the year and I’m in trouble

the garret has turned into my private dungeon

In fact the whole of England is in trouble.  Everything is shut except for food stores and pharmacies.  Nobody can meet anyone, except for 1 chosen person from your support bubble, in an outside public place.  Only 3 pubs in the whole of England are open, and they are all on the Isles of Scilly, where nobody can go anyway.  In fact we are not allowed to travel anywhere at all ~ as I know to my cost after my trip to Cancun was cancelled by British Airways.  There is no chance of my recovering the $2,000 I paid for my flights.  The schools and universities will not reopen in the New Year, probably until Easter, and all New Year’s celebrations are cancelled.  If you’re caught having a party you will be arrested.

Things are so depressing here that I got drunk over Christmas ~ and that did not help at all.  Booze never helps anything.

Other bad things happening to me are that I have no heating or hot water because my gas boiler is busted.  It’s actually the gas control valve, and if I can’t fix that myself I’ll have no heating nor hot water until well into the  New Year.  I have a tiny space heater, so I won’t quite freeze even though it’s only 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but showering in cold water is going to be no fun at all.

All in all I just hope for much better things in 2021 than we had this year.

Have a Happy New Year everyone.  I’ll be toasting the New Year in in apple juice, alone.


jack collier

love to all

for this New Year

7 responses

  1. Wishing you a much better new year!
    The same thing happened to my boiler 2 weeks ago. I had to boil water to wash dishes and to bathe.

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    1. I managed to fix the automated gas control valve, so my boiler is working again ~ at least for the time being 😎

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      1. I am glad! Have a better 2021 JC!

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        1. It’s busted again.

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