Monochrome Monday ~ Nat King Cole

chestnuts for the spinner of Christmas fireside tales
for fairy tales that can come true

One of the things I remember about working in the City of London at Christmastime is the sweet smell of chestnuts being roasted by the cockney coster mongers.  Chestnuts roasting on an open fire indeed…..

We can’t have the Christmas we deserve.

But we deserve the Merry Christmases in our memories.


jack collier


just make certain they are hot and sweet

7 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog
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    1. You are very welcome.


  2. not a big nut fan or coffee fan but both smells are wonderful.
    Nat has a great voice and this song pops with his velvet voice

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    1. In the depths of an English winter, coming out of work on Christmas Eve, roasted chestnuts smell fabulous 😉

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  3. Freshly roasted chestnuts are delicious!

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    1. The smell in the open air from the street vendors’ barrows…. ❤

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      1. Bingo!!👍🤤yummy!

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