Random Jottings ~ Covid Christmas

in England it’s always winter now, but never Christmas


Christmas is a special day of meaning and traditions

spent in the warm circle of family and friends

unless you’re a Londoner in lockdown


and, one by one, all our freedoms were taken away


whatever draconian laws governments pass

the virus will always have the last word


The singing of Christmas carols is verboten

and all the churches are closed


have yourself a merry little Christmas

and I do mean little


silent nights have come to stay


jack collier


and on Christmas Eve, the clock struck thirteen

3 responses

  1. well written and truth be told in it. But our spirit of Christmas remains in our souls. My sister is in the choir at her Church which only does online stuff. No one in the church but the Minister. Dark times yes but the spirit is in us and we must bring that spirit out each and every day. Our silent night has to shine in us and flourish. We can’t let the government ruin our spirit today, tomorrow or ever. As the rebels say we will fight until we are not here.
    Peace N Love

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    1. We will all make it through this.
      Perhaps we will be better people after all this ~ suffering is supposed to be good for the soul. ❤


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