Christmas is Cancelled

no Christmas please, we’re British

Here in England the government has become infested with a militant scrooge mentality, with a lot of the grinch thrown in.  Eighteen million people in London and the South East are now forbidden to see anyone outside of their own households ~ no family Christmas for them.

In London and the South East of England; travel is not allowed, pubs, bars, restaurants, shops, and churches are closed, Christmas fun is forbidden.

Obviously face masks and all the previous lockdowns haven’t worked.

Look forward to a very Merry Christmas Everyone.

Unless you’re English ~ ashes are our lot.

It’ll be lonely this Christmas.


jack collier

Christmas?  Bah Humbug



5 responses

  1. Sorry to hear that Covid is still uncontrolled in UK. Marmaduke can have a quiet Christmas Meal with you. Garfield and I will be virtually there. Take care and stay warm both.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.
      Marmy and I will enjoy your company 😎❤🌹

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      1. 👍😃🎁🎄🥂🥳🎅

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  2. i am not sure what to say that is one sad song. lonely in England for many so sorry i wish i were there to give you a big hug

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    1. At least I have some long-distance friends.
      You are all very comforting to this otherwise very lonely guy ❤

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