Songs on Saturday ~ Grease

who said that The Belgians have no sense of humour?

Back in the day I had a couple of Belgian clients, and let me tell you that they had a sense of humour ~ it’s just that the Flemish idea of something to laugh about is uniquely ‘European’.  To be honest, I can see a Belgian crowd doing some public dancing ~ as long as it was perfectly drilled and well rehearsed.  Just like in the clip.

I still need to learn how to moonwalk.

Enjoy with a smile on your face.

Unless you’re a Belgian.

From Antwerp.


jack collier

an ass picture would have been gratuitously sexist

2 responses

  1. very nice . i have always wanted to be part of a big public group dance

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    1. Never been one of my ambitions, but I bet it would be exhausting fun 😉

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