I feel like a woman

mystery, sexuality, eroticism, elegance, and the line of beauty

OK maybe one of the most non pc music videos ever.  But do I care?  Does any man who likes long legs care?  Probably not.  And Man, I Feel Like A woman takes on a whole other meaning when a cool guy says it.

Shirt and hat could become my favourite look on my favourite girl.

Do ordained women really wear that?


jack collier


maybe mature is better

7 responses

  1. Digging the clothes the most! – I’ve been known to wear a shirt and tie. I even tied the tie myself. Hard to find a good fedora … Borsalino made great hats back in the day, may still do… 💗

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      1. She always looks hot. Has the most erotic manicure too.

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  2. Good Day and lovely song. i know you love music and dancing Ladies made me think of Legs by ZZ Top https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUDcTLaWJuo
    And something new and i love the way Shakira dances/ moves in this new https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMLk_T0PPbk
    Hope you don’t mind me sharing on your blog

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  3. hat… like a cowboy hat? 🙂 well, not so easy in Norway or Greenland. Maybe only inside the house

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