Songs on Saturday ~ Elvis

Elvis has left the building

Tomorrow I begin my winter vacation, escaping all the horrid lockdown crap here in England for a couple of weeks luxury in the Mexican sunshine.  With any luck the coronavirus restrictions in Cancun will not be too severe.  With a little more luck I may find a new flame.  This is my first Elvis track on here, I hope you enjoy.

If you want a very good workout, just play this video and try to keep up

C’mon, I know you used to be a cheerleader.

Please try the moonwalk.

Me, no chance.


jack collier


how do women dance in heels?


8 responses

  1. So easy to dance, walk and run in heels 👠


  2. women dance in heels because they can.
    i must say that before this pandemic and i was coaching soccer i might have been able to keep up with them. But 25 extra lbs is not good. i really have to work at back in a better shape. The girl from 1:08 to 1:31 rocks my world. Safe travels and may you have a wonderful time in Cancun.

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    1. Weirdest sunshine trip ever to meet a Chaplin. ❤
      I do believe it's going to be fun.

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      1. some can be very kinky hope she really surprises you

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        1. I’ve never seen a priest in stiletto heels

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        2. maybe She has a St Andrews cross and some rope.

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