Feeling Confused

your intellect may be confused, but your emotions never lie

some things are guaranteed to get you into deep shit

Rather a lot has happened this year.  Beginning on my birthday the whole of England was condemned to various degrees of house arrest.  We are now in Lockdown Day 256, almost nine months that the whole country has been in suspended animation.  Probably for no good reason whatsoever the government has spent £394 billion of our money trying to stop a non-existent pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.

Nobody has been allowed to visit with anybody, and heaven forefend that you might want to make out with somebody you don’t live with 24/7.  Here in England sex is just about forbidden ~ unless you are a member of the government that is.

We are not allowed to go anywhere, especially we English are not allowed to enter The Peoples Democratic Republic of Wales.  Scotland is out of bounds for us Sassenachs too, but who in their right mind want to have anything to do with a country run by the wee ginger krankie?  The Scots must be totally confused as they try to convince their heads of things their hearts know is a bunch of lies.

The police here have turned themselves into a cross between the East German Stasi and the Gestapo.  Having a dozen of the boys in blue band together to arrest an innocent elderly lady for standing by the Houses of Parliament’s railings must be such fun for them.  Mind you, they all acted like craven cowards when confronted with BLM protesters.  Of all the crazy police forces in England the North Yorkshire Police have gone the furthest in coronavirus insanity.  They are using automated licence plate recognition systems to identify and stop people from tier 3 areas entering their tier 2 Garden of Eden.

Every single politician and government official has shown themselves up for the ignorant buffoons they are.  Gavin Williamson, England’s minister for education is the latest idiot, he managed to insult the whole world in a radio interview he gave about our early roll-out of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.  BTW, that stuff is mostly untested, and nobody has a fucking clue about the long-term effects of this jab.  You’d have to be crazy to have it.  After you Boris.

And Boris Johnson, our ineffectual Prime Minister, has lost the plot.  He is so in thrall to his current squeeze Ms Carrie Symonds that his government is set to adopt all of her mad ocean conservation, save the planet, green eco-warrior ideas.  For example, all petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars and vans will be totally banned here from 2030.  Really?  How’s that going to work?

Meanwhile all pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, are shut, by order.

You couldn’t make it up.


jack collier


Boris and Carrie

the odd couple

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  1. And they keep making counts of covid deaths. There r many strains of covid….r they referring to all of them? It just feels like the rise of china vs. the reset button. I’m not sure what’s right either. Go to work but dont have people in ur home 🤦‍♀️ is there still room for someone to travel with u? Do u think our queen, premier’s, president, Bill Gates, the Pope and all the country leaders r ready soon?

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  2. There are guidelines. it is just like anything else. Never mind the guy behind the curtain. Just be cautious with your interactions with others. some believe and so don’t. But staying healthy is important so it be careful and watchful of what you do.

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    1. Once you have been badly burned you learn to be careful

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      1. True goes to the saying fool be once shame on you fool me twice shame on me


  3. Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world with more than 65 million confirmed cases in 190 countries and about 1.5 million deaths. BBC 4 December
    If people want to see their next birthday, they need to adhere to health guidelines.

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    1. You are absolutely right. But you will pardon me if I don’t agree, because my viewpoint is right too. No wonder I am confused.

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      1. I’m siding with the science. A little self-control now will create a safer future.

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        1. one has to know which science to follow the media is in line with government. just saying
          Always safety first be safe n healthy

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