Tunes on Tuesday ~ Supertramp

it never rains but it absolutely chucks it down

Excuse the misquoted homily, but here in the north of England, saying that it’s pouring with rain is like a girl saying that she’s slightly pregnant.  So from Supertramp we have It’s Raining Again, which it is.  But it’s not raining my life,  While I may have lost a friend, I have gained an new and much nicer friend.

I’ve driven a hell of a lot of I-15, from Southern California up into Wyoming.

I’m a fighter.  Knock me down and I’ll just get up again.

Please listen with a smile on your face.

Try not to get very wet.

Unless you like that.


jack collier

the old man can’t snore through the racket of raindrops on the roof

10 responses

  1. Absolutely LOVE that song!!!! I don’t think anyone has ever kissed me in the rain or in a snowfall. Odd….but, not exactly surprising!! lol

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    1. In a light snow fall, it’s a wonderful feeling. Kris , i hope you get to experience a kiss in the rain or snow

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      1. Can’t imagine it ever happening, but there is always a tomorrow..until there isn’t! lol

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        1. Kris, your kiss is on my list

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          1. laughing!!! LOVE that!!

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    2. I hope that I made you smile.
      I’d absolutely love to kiss you in he rain and make you smile again.
      Love, Hugs, and Kisses ❤

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  2. dancing in the rain very romantic

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    1. I like romance, I even like kissing a girl in the rain ❤

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