Point of No Return

decide which bridges to cross and which to burn 

flashing your breasts in a restaurant is sexy, brave, and irreversible

Some decisions are just about irrevocable.  When the Roman Legions marched into hostile territory their commanders burned all the bridges behind them ~ to stop the legionnaires from retreating.  Aircraft flying across an ocean will eventually get to a place where they haven’t got enough fuel to go back, the point of no return ~ they can only press on to their destination.  In relationships we say and do things which we can’t ever take back ~ cheating for example, or saying; ‘it’s over…..’  Make a decision like that and there is no going back.  Or like the Roman Legions we have to build a new bridge to try to rekindle a broken romance.

More often than not I’ve seen that final decisions and final words come in the heat of the moment, when emotions are running high, and those are the kind of things that we regret later.  On a long sales trip a man may cheat on his partner, have a one-night-stand with some woman who’s name he can barely remember, and regret it afterwards.  But you can’t undo that kind of thing, we haven’t yet figured out a way to turn back time.  All that guy has left is to decide if he is going to confess to his wife / partner, or risk lying by omission and being found out.  If he confesses he has burned that bridge behind him and can only wait to see what she says and does.

We cannot unmake decisions, we cannot unsay words, and we cannot not do something we have already done.

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.  ~  Keri Russell

For example, it may seem a small decision to regularly hang out in bars, but eventually people who regularly hang out in bars have sex with some stranger they’ve just met in a bar.  Decisions are like avalanches, one small lump of snow sliding down a hill creates a landslide that ends up burying a town at the bottom of the mountain.  And yet we make small decisions every minute of our lives, and most of them are final and irrevocable.  We get to a point of no return and just can’t ever go back.

Most of the time relationships run on automatic pilot.  There are unspoken rules, ethics, morality, honesty, openness, trust, affection, friendship, and love.  When we decide to do something that breaks those rules then we have burned our bridges behind us, and it’s up to another whether or not we will ever be allowed to rebuild those bridges.


jack collier



pulling up your skirt to show your thighs to a room is a point of no return

8 responses

  1. I tend to cross those points. No bridges burned yet, though. Or at least, I don’t think they are burned. And am not even sure if it matters anymore.

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    1. I have burned some bridges behind me, I’ve closed off some roads to the past, I’ve left a couple of careers, a couple of women, and a couple of places for good and all. And it doesn’t really matter because if you want to go back badly enough, then you can always hack a new road through the wilderness.
      You can just never recreate things exactly as they were before, and nor should you want to.
      Kris, you matter to me, I care about you.
      Love and Hugs ❤ ❤ 😉

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      1. Too tired. Talking and asking and not getting responses is just not enough. Online isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Not real and some of those who want reality are a bit too clingy! lol Not ALL of those, just a good handful.

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        1. Sweetheart, just for now online is the best I can do.
          I promise you, I am in no way clingy, dependent, or uncool ❤

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          1. I know YOU aren’t. There are others, though. shudder. A woman likes freedom or chains of her own making.

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  2. very interesting. love your photos that emphasize your point.

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    1. There’s a very bad double entendre in your comment there. ❤

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