Songs on Saturday ~ Lighthouse Family

Ocean Drive ~ Sunderland to South Shields

The location looks exotic, and is.  The duo sound exotic, and aren’t.  In reality it’s all as English as cricket.  I didn’t know that when I bought the album, funny how one can be fooled into seeing and hearing what one expects…..

Hell, In SoCal people think I’m Californian, and I’m a Geordie Boy.

Please listen critically.


jack collier

it’s the North Sea

not the Pacific Ocean

7 responses

  1. Lighthouse Family, but what song specifically?

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    1. The song is called Ocean Drive by The Lighthouse Family
      Youtube link

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      1. Nice melody, smooth…….thanks for sharing.

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  2. Says video is unavailable. What was it?

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    1. Ocean Drive ~ See Sindee’s comment.
      Some YouTube content that’s available in the UK isn’t in the USA, and visa versa.
      Snag is I don’t know if that applies to a song I’ve posted until someone tells me so.
      Apologies Sweetheart ❤

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      1. No apologies needed. I found it. Thanks❣️

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