Happiness is Good

there are so many good reasons to be happy

I’ve been miserable, depressed and stressed for months.  All of that comes from within, but with a malevolent influence from something else.  I would rather be happy than constantly suffering the slough of despondency.  Most men are just as happy as they make up my minds to be.  I’ve made up my mind to finally walk away from the alcohol that was the source of my unhappiness, and today I am happy.

So, some happy pictures for today.

Have a very blessed Tuesday.


jack collier


the rocks were all painted by school children

9 responses

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you are happy! Love the photos!

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    1. Those rocks are so cute and pretty. The coloured umbrellas were in a covered market on Crete. Thanks Mermaid ❤

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  2. Those rocks are so cheering somehow…talented school kids!!! Great photos! 💗

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    1. That pretty rock garden was in Encinitas.

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  3. Gidday Jack, Sounds like you are in the “dulls” made that up, yup, it seems that life is a little dull these days, isolation, old age, another age spot, a younger person saying something that you should get and all you do is smile with a weird look in your eye… yup, i understand how you feel lol… cheer up old fella from an older shelia… giddup Jacko it will get better soon i am sure xx

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    1. I’m on the up and up Sweetheart ❤

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  4. Cheer up JC and I love the rock collection as each is so beautifully painted. Garfield hugs for you and Marmaduke!

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    1. Aww thank you. Right back atcha ❤ 😉

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