Songs on Saturday ~ Sussudio

just say the word, and I’ll be yours

Some things defy description.  Some relationships defy memories.  Some words defy definition.  As far as I know the only dictionary definition of Sussudio is that it’s a tune by Phil Collins.  I remember playing this track very loud in my car, just to keep me awake ~ it was after midnight and I was coming back from somewhere I shouldn’t ever have been.  (Probably that pub.)

In some parts of the world a smart suit and tie is considered very cool. Personally, I think it’s a very masculine look.   Anyway, most hot sexy women like the smart and slightly preppy man

Please listen with a glad heart.


jack collier

not much is cooler than a Mustang convertible

7 responses

  1. I have a book by him called ‘Not Dead Yet’. It is on my to read as soon as possible list.

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    1. On my read list is ‘the way of the superior man’ by David Deida ❤

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      1. That sounds a bit too important!! lol


  2. I like listening to Phil Collins. Pity no more new songs. I hope he is still alive as not heard of his news.

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    1. He’s still around, but as he’s almost 70 I guess his performing days are over. Not everyone goes on and on and on like the Rolling Stones.
      Love and Hugs Sweetheart ❤ ❤


      1. Thanks for info and sharing. You have a lovely weekend ❤❤❤

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        1. You too sweetheart. Get well soon ❤

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