Feminine Strength

out of the strong came forth sweetness

Unless you are English or a bible scholar you may be unfamiliar with the above quotation, which is derived from the story of Samson and the Lion and a woman from Timnah.  It’s a narrative and an allegory.  Psychologically, the interesting thing is the difference between masculine and feminine strength.

Typically, masculine strength is brute force and aggression that can be measured in foot-pounds, whereas feminine strength is far more elusive and mysterious.  In the biblical story the lion is an expression of male energy and sexual potency.  The sweet honey is an expression of female patience, sensitivity, and  complexity.  Without both the story has no point at all.  So, some strong warrior guy goes out and kills a lion ~ that happens all the time in the bible.  That story would have little point to it.

However, if you add the feminine sweetness, and throw in the woman from Timnah for good measure, then what we have is an allegory which seeks to illustrate that unbridled strength and aggression without control is both pointless and dangerous.  An out of control bulldozer isn’t anything anyone wants to have to deal with.

Many men fail to grasp that point.  A lot of guys think that what it takes to be a real man is the ability to sink copious quantities of beer and then beat down on the little guy.  Or drink copious quantities of beer, drive home from the pub, and treat his wife / girlfriend like a piece of meat.  That type of guy tends to be unsuccessful, or an alcoholic, or a workshy petty criminal ~ or all three.

More successful men realise that feminine qualities like; acceptance, diplomacy, patience, perseverance, understanding, and the ability to communicate effectively are just as important, (if not more important), than qualities such as physical courage and endurance.  Some men eschew these feminine strengths as being beneath them, or unmanly, or associated with the rainbow community.  Reality says that a hell of a lot of men just find things like diplomacy, understanding, and talking, far too difficult for them to cope with.

I had to learn the feminine strengths and skills as part of my career in International Finance ~ if I wanted to make more money than my trophy wife could spend.  More recently, I learned those feminine strengths courtesy of a self-confessed black widow.

Really strong men control their masculine qualities with the feminine qualities they are willing to learn and use.


jack collier


out of the eater, something to eat

out of the strong, something sweet

10 responses

  1. Really perceptive, erudite observations….psycho-sexually-spiritually universal truths about the feminine and masculine principles…this concept is oft’ missed in popular culture particularly and ironically in many “self help” and pop psych books by self-proclaimed gurus. Maybe you should go into the Expensive Seminar business ;)…wait…maybe I shouldn’t wink. 💗

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    1. Back in the day I was a brilliant public orator. And I do have something to say.
      But this forum is enough of an outlet for my musings. 😉

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  2. I knew a girl from school two eyes different brown and blue…

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    1. Cool, very exotic and sexy. ❤

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  3. Loved the eyes bit like his and hers in one body…or two different personality types

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    1. Coloured contact lenses. ❤

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  4. Absolutely lovely post Mr Jack, well said, if done correctly the strength and the softness in both individuals within a relationship or courtship, should grow as they walk forward together, the feminine female lets say becomes more feminine because it is complimented by both one being strong as the male yet soft towards her feelings or at least understand with compassion and humility and the female becomes stronger by allowing herself to let go of doubt with feeling empowered by her partner because there is nothing to fear. Once you loose those strengths by being too dominant and then going further by becoming dominating the male tends to struggle by being abusive, rude, drinking too much and then suddenly his strength that she once saw dwindles because his confidence depletes for whichever reason, then her feminine becomes more masculine and the relationship is then in destructive mode all because they didn’t communicate or perhaps didn’t listen and believe or trust more within each other.. This could be a result of many influences, work, age, stresses, however, both need to either work it out before it fizzles and of course stick to it by communicating again. Nothing in this life is easy, yet it isn’t that difficult either , well done loved it xx

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    1. Thank you Sweetheart. I do the very best I can. ❤

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  5. Wonderful post , Jack, so true about many men. some lessons in life are hard. i enjoyed this post and love the eyes in that photo. They are beautiful and seductive.
    Some men are born with those feminine qualities and have to learn the male ones.
    Have a great day

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    1. I first had to realise that I needed to develop those feminine strengths, and then I had to learn them ❤

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