Music ~ All Your Friends

friends will fight shoulder to shoulder

This Coldplay track and accompanying video is poignant and tragic.  Perhaps an apt choice on the morning of the 102nd anniversary of the day the guns fell silent In Flanders Fields.

The Pals Battalions suffered horrifically during the Somme Offensive in 1916.

If you can find it in your heart, then please listen with two minutes of silence.


jack collier

going over the top

4 responses

  1. Loyalty and honour, till the end… my question is this, at what cost does this mean to man we could never say on either side that male honour is not questionable, pity it cost so many lives all because of countries being overbearing ego driven ideals of what they thought should be.. at the cost of many beautiful honourable souls… I wonder if only they just sat down and communicated better that all those souls would have lived a long lovely life… GOD and Country we die for our people, how about we live together and be more open to change that my friend would have been beautiful to see…

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    1. All wars are terrible. The First World War was more terrible than all the other wars in history. The whole world went from peace to war in 4 days, and historians are still arguing about why it happened. All I can do is remember the fallen. 🌸🌸🌸

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  2. very appropriate
    reminds me of mans inhumanity towards man

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    1. Very poignant.
      Alludes strongly to the English Pals Battalions in WW1

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