Random Jottings ~ Femme Fatale

now the party’s over he’s beginning to wonder what went wrong


a hero is good

a heroine is brilliant

a villain is essential

but a bad woman is erotic


‘hold me….’ he said

‘hold your what? she asked

eventually she decided he meant his billfold


he would do anything for her

the trouble was so would a lot of other men


he would try to forget her

he would spend the rest of his life trying


he liked women who looked as though they killed men for a living


jack collier



she thought of herself as a black widow

and that some younger men liked to be caught

2 responses

  1. She was right so many wanna be caught and used by Her and y.et they don’t get caught but dream of being Hers

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    1. An old friend who was even more erotic then those pictures suggest. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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