Songs on Saturday ~ I’ll Be Watching You

it isn’t stalking if you don’t follow her home

This great track from British Band The Police is actually entitled Every Breath You Take, but the massage of the song is I’ll Be Watching You.  It kind of fits my mood today.  It isn’t the best love song ever written

Stalking?  Nope, not me, not ever.

Once I walk away, I walk away forever.


jack collier


not exactly my kind of woman

13 responses

  1. We sure do love 💘 ❤ 💕

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  2. I always find dysfunctional lol 😆 seriously…need to make serious changes and totally agree with you!! Go get em tiger 🤣😘❤

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    1. Thank you Sweetheart ❤
      We both need to make some changes.

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  3. I adore you so much ❤ sorry you shared the same fate sweetheart ❤ your too good for any of that like me …you will find someone sooo much better suited for you and she will be happy and lucky 😊

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    1. You know I adore you too. ❤
      We can both find much better people to know and love than those dysfunctional people we knew before ❤

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  4. Good for you love ❤ I know all too well about stalking 13 years and some has started again…some idiots never learn!! As for you your a strong and sweet man whom would never waste his time…why would you confidence is sexy 😉😘

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    1. Sweetheart I wasted a lot of time in a one-sided relationship. Her stalking of me was very subtle and manipulative.
      I’m sorry to hear that your stalker is back.
      Thank you for thinking that I’m sexy 💕💕💕

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  5. or Walk Like an Egyptian 😉

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  6. You wont walk you will slide in like a grasshopper…..

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  7. Now that is much better music… yes sir reeeeee

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    1. Kind of a mixed message ~ but I like it. ❤
      And it's how I am feeling right now.

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      1. 80’s was definitely a strange and wonderful time for music


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