Living In A Police State

remember, remember the fifth of November

treason and gunpowder plot

about the only future we have to look forward to

Once again lives are being ruined in this Sceptered Isle as Boris Johnson’s catastrophically inept government imposes yet another 4 weeks of strict lockdown on the whole country.  It could be that this is the most unpopular government since that of King James 1st ~ and coincidentally today is the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, when a cadre of disaffected men were going to blow up the Houses of Parliament, the  government, and the king.  November 5th, 1605 could offer some lessons to all good Englishmen and true ~ for it is surely time we rid ourselves of Boris and his power-mad advisors; Patrick Vallance, Chris Whitty, and the disgraced Dominic Cummings.  (Who could ever respect a nerd called Dominic?)

It’s now very clear that Boris is incapable of running a PTA meeting, but that’s OK because our Prime Minister has given up all pretence of running the country.  England is now being run by a shadowy politburo of unelected officials called SAGE, (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies).  Having politicians run things is bad, having scientists in charge is infinitely worse.

Because of their blinkered conviction that they are right ~ a conviction that will brook no argument ~ millions have had their lives ruined, lost their jobs, gone broke, suffered tragedies, and been arrested by the heavy handed police, who too are enjoying their new-found power to interfere with people’s lives.

My personal pain isn’t so bad.  I will suffer 28 days of solitary confinement.  A very important trip I had booked to Cancun will probably be cancelled.  And, I will go slowly crazy.

There is no future to look forward to, this is not our finest hour.

This is not how England is supposed to be.

It’s time this government went.


jack collier

Guido Fawkes

November 5th is called Guy Fawkes night

3 responses

  1. Would you rather suffer some inconvenience now and be alive later or throw caution to the wind and be ill?

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    1. The true extent of the risk is very low. We are being lied to.
      So, if I could I would throw caution to the wind. ❤

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      1. Hundreds of thousands of people have died from the virus. No one is invincible. I would not want you to be deathly ill. There was a young man who attended one of those covid parties. He became deathly ill and his last words were “I think I made a mistake”.

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