Travelling Companion

a mind that encompasses new experiences can know the universe

Einstein could be enigmatic.  And it’s not Barbados.

Cancun if you want to know.  Barbados is shut.

Travel broadens the mind.

Now I need a girl.


jack collier


or a woman

13 responses

  1. Love that!! Kisses love to you ❤ 😘

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    1. I’m glad that you like my compliments and desire. ❤

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        1. You can come on vacation with me. 💖


          1. Aww thanks Jack….❤😘

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  2. You do sweetheart 😘 much love

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    1. Thank you gorgeous glitzy Angel 💖

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  3. Your honesty is refreshing and beautiful 😍 ❤

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    1. Not so beautiful as you angel.
      You always make me feel as though I have written something good ❤

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  4. i hope things open up so you can travel. I hope you find that perfect woman to be your travelling companion thru life’s journey

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    1. Sindee, right now I’d be happy to find someone who would like a sunshine vacation with holiday sex thrown in. ❤ ❤ 😉

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  5. Love your honesty as sweetheart ❤

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    1. Angel, there is now every good reason for me to be completely honest and open.
      Thank you for your love ❤

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