Vacations During Lockdown

a vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in

I am not doing this on vacation

You know that the quotation at the top of the page is not at all true.  Plenty of us have been trapped in the prison of our own homes during this coronavirus crisis, with nothing to do and weeks to do it in, and it’s so stultifying that it drives people crazy.  A good vacation should include lots of interesting things to do, like hanging out by the pool with a very good friend, doing nothing much else except read and sunbathe.  Sightseeing, long walks, swimming, good food, and looking around the tourist stores are also cool things to do on vacation.

There are some things just too energetic for my ideal vacation and I include; skiing, water skiing, parasailing, sailing, cycling, and horseback riding.  But if any of those float your boat then go for it with gusto.

Sadly, right now our stupid politicians, government bureaucrats, and health officials have made such a mess of things that half the civilised world is under lockdown, which means that we are not supposed to engage in anything other than essential travel, whatever that’s supposed to mean.  Not only that but half the places you might want to go to are shut.  Here in the UK, both Wales and Scotland are effectively closed for business ~ although what Englishman in their right mind would want to take a vacation in either?

More pertinent I have a close friend in the USA, and I am not allowed to go and visit her because of American lockdown and quarantine regulations.  And then there are a whole lot of other great tourist destinations that are more or less closed for business, and I include nearby countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

It’s worse than that, because if I go almost anywhere I have to self-isolate for 14 days when I get back to England.  Add to that a whole lot of compulsory tests to make damn sure I’m not carrying the virus, and the compulsory wearing of face masks in airports and on flights, and travel becomes a chore.  You’d think the idiots supposedly in charge of this mess don’t want us hoi polloi to have any fun at all.  (Well, extramarital sex is now illegal here.)

You know what?  I’m heading off to the sunshine, as far as I am concerned a holiday away from all this doom and gloom counts as essential travel.


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