sad sweet goodbye

you never lose someone you have truly loved


let the rains fall

and wash away her tears

let me be strong

and take away her fears

let me be kind enough

to wish her well

now she loves another


jack collier


walking away from everything

6 responses

  1. I have to say you struck a cord with me on this one… delete that part I said, it is probably a good thing, a good thing is well, a person who considers another without thinking of oneself.
    It seems Dear Jack, even my flippant mouth (lip) tends to get me into trouble most times. My relationship I do love him, yet I am not sure if we like one another these days. Sounds so awful, it just feels just as awful, how do two people try so hard to become something and at the end not become anything? Nasty, isn’t my thing I despise it yet we end up hurting each other all because of weight gain, stupid I know, age, perhaps it’s midlife crises? or is it just excuse after excuse, if indeed it was over then perhaps it never began, life isn’t so easy, yet again, we only make it harder for ourselves. For me I was a single mother 22 years ago with a young head and ideas of understanding a selfish want about me… And, now a 52 year old women, still struggling to just be happy , it seems now however, to be happy isn’t on the agenda it is a one way ticket for one and the other blames the other no matter what one another does, it only ends in tears… so, to begin again, is as easy or as hard as we want to make it, or is it because we try and try and think yep, if I do it one more time it will change? will it?

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    1. We cannot make things happen just because we wish it so. We cannot ever change anyone except for ourselves. And if love or even liking isn’t there now, it probably wasn’t there at the beginning either. ❤
      I had to walk away to learn how truly bad things were.

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  2. How could anyone reject u jacko

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      1. Well, it’s probably a good thing

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