Is This Country?

an English Gentleman is someone who doesn’t know how to play the banjo

I have a friend who drove across country to the Ozarks last weekend.  Even with my extensive and eclectic knowledge of geography I have only the vaguest knowledge of where the Ozarks are, let alone WTF you get when you arrive.  I have the vaguest suspicion that it’s the kind of area where brothers and sisters date and cousins get married.  If you tell me so I will accept that I’m utterly wrong.  But and here’s the thing, is that where this kind of music comes from?  And, is this country?

The Staggerwing was fabulous, but a Vincent is a legend.

Please listen knowledgeably.


jack collier


better looking than some

sexier than most

3 responses

  1. Love the first (banjo) line…and that sign off! 💗😉😘

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    1. some women aren’t nearly as sexy as they would like to think ❤

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      1. “When you’re hot you’re hot – when you’re not you’re not.” — Jerry Reed


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