Songs on Saturday ~ So Lonely

the loneliest moment in a man’s life
is when he’s watching his whole world fall apart 

Well, I’m feeling so lonely today.  This is a great track from British band,  The Police.

Please listen with a little sympathy.

Or, at least don’t say that I deserved it.


jack collier


not as lonely as being the last man alive in the city



15 responses

  1. You too! I love ya jack ❤

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  2. It’s pretty deep jack …but worth the climb 😊❤ have ear if you need one

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    1. Be safe, well, happy, and healthy Angel. 🌹🌹🌹

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  3. Its been a very long hard road jack and I barley through the mud i am still pulling myself out of the mud and looking for way to see life in a new light…trust is hard when the world is so untrue…I just stay true to myself and fingers crossed others whom cross my path will too..its about honesty in friendship and love…I am here for you love …an angel never loses her wings…I wish you all the best too ❤ hugs and love

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    1. thank you Angel, I know you will get out the swamp soon. 😉

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  4. I feel for you as I know that horrible pain all too well…I have many wishes as do you but wishes are just wishes and people are not so kind and real..I am working through so many things my head is spinning….I feel for you love and love hurts like hell 💔

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    1. You have been through much more than I have, and I hope you are working things out.
      Love does hurt, and it is hard to trust again.
      All my best wishes Angel. 🌹

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  5. Break ups are sooooo even when your the one doing the break up! It hurts no matter what ❤ i always have to break my own heart because I keep making mistakes in men.. I am still trying to figure out what’s true who is true and why lying is so easy for some …its like what is so hard about telling the truth or apologizing fixing whats wrong…pride is such a disease …anyway California huh you must have loved her …you loved her enough to travel thats amazing…I hope whatever reason for the break up you find peace and know your never alone

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    1. At one time I believed that we were in love ~ I guess I was wrong.
      It does hurt and part of me wishes things had been different.
      I just do not trust her any more. 💖

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  6. I sure do!!! I always have ❤ i will be there if you need me ..❤

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    1. Angel, I’m doing better since I broke up with my Californian gf yesterday.

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  7. Hey sweetheart 😘 💕 here if you ever need me! I understand and have those days myself …sometimes we need more then friends to comfort us…covid is messing things up for all of us…BUT your never alone there is a American girl who cares ❤

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    1. Thank you Angel I know you care. ❤

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  8. There’s a thought. 🤪🙏Faux

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