last night’s loves

be patient, the best things happen at night


last night she realised that he never looked into her eyes

but she was happy he was staring at her deep cleavage instead


I love you…..’ she said softly, ‘please take your clothes off for me…..’

‘these aren’t clothes…..’ he replied

‘you’re a werewolf at night, are’t you?’ she asked excitedly


she came, and then

she came to the conclusion that car sex was much safer late at night


at midnight all she had left were half-remembered thoughts of love


last night, when he said he wanted to sleep with her

she expected him to stay awake for a while first


last night she wanted him

she wanted him to leave her alone


jack collier


in a bar, very close to midnight

the black widow searched for her next victim

7 responses

    1. Well wacko jacko, always a interesting chat a little off Center however, amusing dear jack

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  1. Nawww Jack that’s beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do make a big effort to satisfy my readers. ā¤

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  2. Or about a very generous cleavage ā¤ ā¤

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    1. well some are well equiped good on them… it reminds me of Freud saying, a man who is torn of a mothers boob too quick grows up resentful and feels his life has been left feeling neglected. He stated children especially men are left feeling wronged and they end up on a journey in the search of the missing tit leaving them resentful towards their mother and more lustful towards a female that has large breasts šŸ™‚ Could that theory be true Jack? lol

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