Another Day, Another Lockdown

England will be plunged into another Dark Age

Prime Minister Boris Johnson looks haggard, aged, worn down by stress.  He looks like a man at the end of his tether, with nowhere else to go.  He is surrounded on all sides by false prophets whispering in his ear that he is going to die and the world is going to end.  And if these false prophets have their way civilisation as we know it has already ended, (for everyone apart from them of course).

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.  ~  George Orwell

Almost 90% of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 have no symptoms whatsoever.  That’s hardly surprising given that the vast majority of positive results are false anyway, (60% of positive results are false positives), and apart from the elderly and the already sick, people do fight off the virus as easily as a mild dose of the flu.

Boris Johnson needs to clearly state that the old and infirm are a thousand times more likely to die of the coronavirus than the young.  For children, Covid is less dangerous than flu.  ~  Professor David Livermore

So, with no scientific nor medical justification whatsoever, following the advice of power-mad officials, politicians are imposing draconian lockdowns on whole swathes of countries and entire sections of the economy.  Of course, lockdown doesn’t do anything to reduce the spread of COVID-19

There is no evidence that this works, absolutely none whatsoever.  ~  Sir Iain Duncan Smith

What there is evidence of is that further lockdowns will cripple the economy and lead to more non COVID-19 deaths.  Edinburgh University research released yesterday does not call into question the entire policy of imposing lockdowns, but does say that in the long run these social restrictions will have no affect on the spread of the coronavirus whatsoever.  They do make more people sicker.

…..current policies are producing devastating effects on public health, including lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, less cancer screenings, and deteriorating mental health…..  ~  Great Barrington Declaration

Yesterday in Prime Ministers Questions, Sir Keir Starmer said; that when restrictions were introduced in Bury the infection rate was 20 per 100,000, today it is 266 per 100,000.  In Burnley it has risen from 21 to 434, in Bolton the rate has jumped from 18 to 255.  So just WTF is going on?

The national daily rates for infection will go on rising, and governments will impose more and stricter restrictions on an already rebellious populace.  Dark days lie ahead.


jack collier

face coverings have no positive effect

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