Lockdown Again

back in solitary confinement again

My part of England is back on strict lockdown again.

It’s very depressing, exhausting, and difficult to get fresh food.Β  I don’t even want to chat with friends, anyhow I’ve been drinking.

I truly hope this is over soon.


jack collier



it feels like being in jail

not that I’ve ever been in jail

13 responses

  1. πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ€—


  2. Hugs and love and you know how to reach me ❀


    1. Thank you Angel 🌹

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  3. Cannot ‘like’ this … Hoping things improve and that some happiness and light come your way soon. πŸ’—


    1. Thank you Jan your sentiments are appreciated ❀

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  4. Alcohol will only make it worse. PLEASE take care of yourself. You are cared about. Sending hugs and healing.

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    1. Booze ALWAYS makes things much worse for me. ❀


  5. I’m so sorry my friend. What a pain and how depressing. I feel your frustration and I hope things look up soon. I feel the same, being stuck here in the US unable to travel to Germany. Hugs


  6. Jack i am here for you ❀ text me anytime…please! We have been down this road before…love angel πŸ˜‡

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    1. Thank you Angel ❀

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  7. Sending healing energy!

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  8. That is awful. Not sure how much you watch the news but the US is in an upheaval because we’ve had so many deaths and now the president is admitting that he downplayed it the whole time. So many people died because of that. Everyone thought the thing was a joke for so long because the president made it sound like the world was overreacting. This is really horrible.

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