Random Jottings ~ Friendship

a friend when you are in need, is a friend indeed


friendship isn’t a test of endurance


friendship is not a deal, it’s a state of being


true friendship asks no questions and tells no lies


if your lover isn’t your best friend, then it’s just casual sex


a real friend is like a spring of cool clear water in the desert heat


he isn’t your friend if he makes you feel like you’re always walking on eggshells


your best friend is your starlight and your guide when you are lost in the darkness


jack collier


a friend will find you

no matter where you are


12 responses

  1. These are terrific..each could be cross-stitched and framed. Well done! ❤🌹

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    1. Thanks Sweetheart ❤


  2. In fact I like my post so much I might like it for you

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  3. Nope, Jack, I’ve Decided to let go of everything, and throw caution to the wind, grab new stranger, stuff old mates, and go fuck it lol yup fuck it

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          1. yes, a little, keeping you real Jack, your posts are a little well, hmm friendless and lack a bit of happiness to your tip toe step of smiles and expensive trivia … Now the question is where is your stuffed teddy bear? I think its being neglected and put ever so slightly into a suitcase? hmmmm tsk tsk Jacko xxx hehehe

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  4. Really?
    Over rated friendships @52 years old

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    1. Yes, Really, and Truly ❤ ❤ ❤

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