Random Jottings ~ Jealousy

jealousy is self-inflicted torment


true jealousy is both love and hate

you can’t have one without the other


‘I’m not jealous…..’ she averred

right before she totally trashed his Porsche


jealousy is a symptom of passionate insecurity


if you get into a passionate long-distance relationship

then expect to get very jealous


you can’t talk to a jealous woman with a shotgun in her hand


jealousy isn’t ever about real love it’s really about deep insecurity


actually, it’s perfectly acceptable to be jealous if your partner is cheating on you


jack collier


real jealousy hurts

and there is never any cure

sometimes staring at the sea helps a bit

5 responses

  1. I would say that jealousy is legitimate. Especially if one partner in a relationship is being unfaithful to that relationship. If there are insecurities, I would also think that maybe that relationship wasn’t so strong begin with. Or at least the love has not been properly fed.

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    1. There is insecurity and doubt. Then there is insane unjustified jealousy. And then there is justifiable anger. We guys always need to be aware of the differences.

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