Air Sick

an aeroplane is not always a healthy place to be

at least you wouldn’t be breathing recycled air

Flying back from Turkey very late on Monday evening I was sitting in seat 7C, and I was unfortunate to be right across the aisle from an older women sitting in 7D, who was obviously quite poorly.  Overhearing the lady’s daughter talking to the cabin staff it seems as though the poor lady had been ill for most of her vacation.

The whole thing then became very complicated.  The fight was still sitting at the gate as our departure time came and went, as the cabin staff fussed around the poorly lady, her concerned daughter, and the grand daughter, who had ‘special needs’.

Then the captain appeared, walking down the aisle from the front office, looking slightly worried, which is unusual for a pilot.

Still we sat there, a nurse on the flight came back to help the cabin staff with the situation, and she looked worried after she took a look at the ‘patient’.

Then the captain re-appeared, clutching a bit of paper, and said that all three had to get off the ‘plane.  Tears, consternation, fussing and flapping.  A guy with a special narrow wheelchair arrived, and the unfortunate people were deplaned.

Then there was a detailed passenger count, and a check of all the luggage on the plane, in the hold and in the overhead lockers.

Amazingly we left the ground only 45 minutes late, and made up time on the way back to Blighty.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well whatever the poor elderly lady had, I’ve now got too.

No way I’m going very far from the bathroom for a while.

The good news is it’s not the damn coronavirus.  Just the Turkish equivalent of what we Sahibs used to call ‘Delhi Belly’.

Some say that air travel is the safest way to go.  And that you’re more likely to be hit by a meteorite than you are to be in a plane crash.  All I know is that if there is anybody sick on your flight, then you are going to get it too.


jack collier


how we should dress for air travel

OK, maybe not the bikini

3 responses

  1. May you recover speedily from whatever ails you.


  2. NOT liking!!! You poor guy. Feel better soon and I’m glad you weren’t sick on vacation!


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