Vacation Mornings

it’s so quiet you can hear the sunrise

Saturday morning after the Friday night partying here, and only me and a few determined German joggers and powerwalkers are out and about.  They never look as though they are having fun.  Mayhap ‘fun’ is verboten.

The bread delivery man and street-sweepers are out and about too.  Only a Mediterranean people would think it a good idea to have a couple of guys with a dustpan and brush each set off to clean up a whole street.

And now it’s coffee time.


Jack Collier

a few short hours ago this street was jumping

13 responses

  1. We have similarities in our lifestyles. You would do well at underwater living. 🐋💦

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    1. I might, with the right kind of company. ❤

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  2. The sunrise is so beautiful in the Mediterranean. I’m glad you are getting to enjoy it after the lockdown in the uk.

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    1. Oludeniz, Turkey, is a great place for a sunshine vacation. 😎💖🌹


      1. I was in Turkey some years back in winter 😉👍

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        1. Turkish winters can be cold sweetheart


          1. Yes it was. But I live in 33C or 34C daily temps, I always look forward to wintry spots to try something different🤭

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  3. I love that peaceful morning time. It feels like a beautiful secret. So happy you are having such a lovely vacation. 😊

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    1. Amelia, you have poetry in your soul, and love in your ❤

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      1. You are SO kind. You just put the biggest smile on my lips. Thank you. 💋

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        1. Kisses. 🌹🌹🌹

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