Peace and Quiet

it’s so serene here by dawn’s early light

Nobody around at 07:00 except for the bread man, a few determined runners, the cats and dogs, and me.  I like early mornings.  Everyone you might meet is so much nicer at that secret time of day.

I also like a very early morning coffee, and I’ve found a place that does a good take out brew.  ’twas easy, because it was always going to be right next to the cab rank.

On my way back to the hotel the first paragliders came in.  They like the still early morning air and clear skies.  (and no, you’re not getting me up there, not without some moral support)

I have no big plans for today, except for time by the hotel pools.  Reading, sunbathing, swimming, daydreaming…….


Jack Collier

It really is that gorgeous here



9 responses

  1. What a Marvelous day! I’m SO Happy you have found a serene retreat. Enjoy every second, and bask a minute for me please. 😊


    1. You make me smile. ☺
      It’s been an almost perfect day…. All that was missing was a little ❤
      I know you would adore it here 🌹

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      1. I’ve always wanted to travel. Hopefully, someday I will.
        I LOVE that you had an almost perfect day! It’s almost impossible to get everything we want, but finding the joy in what we have and where we are is priceless! Hope tomorrow is just as fulfilling. 💋


        1. And now it’s a wonderful evening sitting on my balcony in the warm Turkish darkness. 💝

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          1. Sounds Spectacular!! I’m on my hands and knees refinishing a wood floor. 🙄


  2. Sounds like a good chillax day for you. Take care JC!

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    1. Today I walked to the Blue Lagoon, and spent the day in the sun, cooling off in the sea. Back at the hotel, swim in the pool, shower, now relaxing with a cool one on my balcony.


      1. Excellent way to spend your day!! Happy you had a great chillaxing time👍😀🍸🍹😍


        1. This is a lovely place to spend a relaxing time. ❤

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