Tunes on Tuesday ~ The Who

and, oh yes, here comes another expert who says the sky is falling

The hysteria surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic grows apace.  Here in Blighty the government is saying that when the schools reopen in September all the pubs and bars will have to shut.  In the Australian state of Victoria the authorities will impose fines of up to US $15,000 on anyone breaking lockdown.  President Trump says lockdown doesn’t work, (and he’s correct).  And, back here in England the government is considering quarantining London from the M25 orbital ring road inwards, and making all the over 50’s go into permanent self-isolation at home.

Thankfully, most of my generation do not give a flying fuck about what governments and their experts think, say, advise, recommend ~ nor the regulations they impose.  Although swinging fines are another matter.

As Caesar said; ‘Semper In Excretia Sumus, Solim Profundum Variat’.

But his legions said; ‘Noli Illigitimi Carborundum Est’.

Keep calm and carry on.


jack collier

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