Random Jottings ~ Friendship

friendship is constant in all things, except when it comes to sex and love


travelling with a friend needs no destination


a soft kiss from a friend has a memory all its own


a close friend is like buying two tickets to adventure


true friendship nourishes the soul and warms the heart


he loved her in true friendship, but he desired her in hot lust


choose your friends wisely, choose your enemies with even more care


a really bad friend is like having an albatross hanging around your neck


no real man can ever be ‘just good friends’ with an attractive woman

and what makes a woman attractive is her friendship


jack collier



friends with benefits

basically it’s just regular sex

5 responses

  1. Well said JC and if only a certain Man I know will admit and realise this!

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    1. when it comes to relationships most men are stupidly ignorant ❤ 😉

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      1. Thanks for weighinh in JC. You are a gent. But the Man in my story is adamant he did no wrong and wanted the Woman to swear on her ancestors and living parents that she was wrong and is behaving sanctimonius like. So there! Sadly.

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        1. An insecure, selfish, ignorant guy like that will never learn ,and is probably not worth the time of day. A real woman could find someone much much better, and day of the week. ❤

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          1. Agree. I will not teach Man to reflect and change either because he will see no need to change. 🤗Thanks JC❤

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