Home Made Organic Weedkiller

gylphosate from roundup is in every morsel of food that contains wheat

not everyone is part of the agribusiness conglomerates

Some of us have average sized gardens / yards, and pets, and don’t actually like putting commercial pesticides / weedkillers / noxious chemicals around our homes.  And yet, for the majority of gardeners there is still that need to control pernicious weeds, and truth be told stuff like roundup is good at that.

So, how to control weeds without resorting to artificial weedkillers?

  1. Weeding.  Without a shadow of a doubt the very best way to control weeds is to dig them up, roots and all, and either burn them or put them in the appropriate trash bin.  I eradicated a destructive patch of Japanese Knotweed just by digging it out.  The snag is that is very hard work and very time consuming.
  2. Landscape Fabric.  If you have a large area over which to control weeds, then you can use a physical barrier, sometimes called a landscape fabric.  First you either have to cut the weeds down as low as you can, or turn over the ground, preferably both ~ then you lay the landscape fabric barrier over the top or the cleared area.  You can buy this stuff on a roll, or if you’re moving into a new home you can use the old carpets you’re having taken out, (but NOT if they are rubber-backed).  Snag is whatever you use as a barrier it’s going to look naff, so you will need to cover it with a much such as chipped bark.
  3. Burning.  With a few exceptions plants do not like fire.  So, you could buy a garden flame-gun and burn the things to death.  DO NOT do this if you are an amateur, you could end up burning down your home if you start a fire in dry vegetation.
  4. Home Made Organic Weedkiller.  There are some ordinary household chemicals that will very effectively kill weeds and keep them suppressed over a long time.  We are not talking noxious things like bleach, just ordinary stuff.  My recipe for organic weedkiller is;
        1. a pound of salt
        2. a bottle of washing up liquid
        3. two pints of white vinegar
        4. a gallon of water

Mix the stuff together, put the vinegar in first, then the salt, (you’ll need hot water to dissolve the salt), and lastly add the washing up liquid, (don’t let it froth up).  You need to have all the salt dissolved.  Just use a watering can, and you don’t need to drown the weeds.  You might need a few applications over a week, especially if it rains.

The best thing is that none of the above will hurt your pets, except careless use of a flame gun.  (Scrap the flame gun idea.)

Some say the only proper way to control weeds is to dig them up.  And that there is nothing wrong with roundup.  All I know is that salt and vinegar will kill weeds.


jack collier


Japanese Knotweed



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  1. I tried the recipe and it worked very well!

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    1. Great, I’m glad 😎🌹

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