Scenes on Sunday ~ Nightmares

Nightmares and insomnia are not so much fun, it gets a bit depressing






jack collier

everything seems better in black and white

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  1. those scooter things look incredibly dangerous. Especially with firearms! I’m sorry you are in the depths of scary sad thoughts. Sending you positive ones to uplift and bring peace.

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    1. I am on the road to recovery, a bit ❤

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  2. I’ve had problems sleeping lately as well. Hope you find some peace

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    1. Thank you Angela. 💖


  3. Seems like we are all living in a nightmare lately. Hope we all wake up soon.

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    1. I sincerely hope so Sweetheart. ❤

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  4. Nightmares are said (by Jeremy Taylor, in Where People Fly and Rivers Run Uphill) to be one’s subconscious tugging at one’s sleeve to get one’s attention when other ploys haven’t worked. Perhaps you’re trying to tell yourself something. Then again, maybe it was the tamales. ; )

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