Battle of Britain Anniversary ~ July 1940

 ‘Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few…..’ ~ Churchill

Hawker Hurricane ~ The First of The Few

Today, here in England we are beginning to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, during which Hitler’s Luftwaffe tried of wrest control of the air over England from the Royal Air Force.  The air battle ran from May to September 1940, when Britain stood alone against the might of Goering’s air fleets, and Nazi Germany had to win this conflict or else eventually lose the war.

Along with the Hawker Hurricane, the more celebrated Supermarine Spitfire bore the brunt of the fighting, with the more stable Hurricane going after the bombers while the Spitfire took on the bf 109 fighters.  Ever after the 3,000 men awarded the Battle of Britain clasp would be known as The Few.

Had the RAF failed during the Battle of Britain, and had England been invaded by the Nazis, then the the whole world would have slipped into the dark abyss of Hitler’s madness.

Supermarine Spitfire and bf 109


jack collier

it was a damn close run thing

Spitfire Ia


7 responses

  1. Wonderful, fitting post for a time that turned the tide of history
    ..when light prevailed over powers of darkness..

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    1. Losing the Battle of Britain meant that Hitler had lost the war.


  2. Excellent tribute to the valiant warriors. They changed the course of history and should be forever honoured.

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    1. Churchill’s words say it best.

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  3. A fitting tribute.


  4. Marvelous photos. It is wonderful that there are still some of the warbirds flying to this day.

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