Just Ban Everything ~ Why Don’t You?

what price freedom of thought and expression

some people are natural sheep

Even though I limit myself to just 10 minutes of news a day I can’t help from noticing that the world is becoming crazier, crueler, and more bizarre as each day passes.

The latest insanity I’ve seen is a call to ban the wool trade because it’s cruel to sheep.  Here in the UK an advert by PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ), has been canned by our advertising standards authority for claiming that ‘wool is just as cruel as fur’.  The snag is that if farmers didn’t regularly shear their sheep, then the poor animals would get very sick ~ and that really is animal cruelty.

I know that several organisations want to ban the keeping of domesticated farm animals, along with banning eating meat and wearing leather / wool.  That is never going to happen.  Although a bunch of mad scientists are busy creating artificial meat, currently only grown at vast expense in labs, but if they get their way there will be factories churning out this muck before long.  Don’t expect me to eat that, nor quorn either.

Milk substitutes are already available as an alternative to the genuine article from cows, sheep. and goats.  I suppose artificial vegan cheese actually tastes a bit like real cheese.  Luckily I have sworn off dairy products as part of my paleo diet.

The green global warming eco-warriors will be happy to have the keeping of farm animals banned because they say that the methane from bovine flatulence is a major factor in catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.  Maybe if they shouted less we’d have less CO2 in the atmosphere and less COVID-19 laden spittle floating about.

Talking of global warming, the burning of coal to generate electricity is banned here in the UK, which puts our economy at an enormous disadvantage to China, India, and the USA, where coal is still mined and used.  Next, ‘they’ will ban the use of oil based fuels, such as diesel.  Where do ‘they’ think all the electricity is going to come from to run all the electric vehicles?

More insidious, because of the COVID-19 virus, travel between counties is mostly banned, and travel within countries is banned in some places too.  Gathering together in groups is mostly banned everywhere.

Worse than that, history is banned, because some of it ‘offends’ certain minority sections of the community.  Some words are banned, some movies are banned, some songs are banned, and I’ll bet some books will be banned before ere long.

I seem to remember people like the Nazis doing this kind of totalitarian stuff.

Some say that Black Lives Matter.  And that we should all ‘take the knee’ to show respect.  All I know is that where they burn books they will soon burn people.


jack collier


some say the answer is green energy

good luck with that one


5 responses

  1. Shouted less is exactly right. Great post! ❤😊

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    1. I don’t much like shouty people.

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  2. If you were a member of a persecuted minority, you might see it differently. Freedom must apply to everyone or it really doesn’t exist.

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  3. PETA has many good ideas but sometimes they can be overzealous. I don’t see how they can compare fur to wool.
    Humanity has been destroying the planet for centuries. Some drastic measures are essential for the planet’s survival.
    History isn’t being banned. It’s the celebration of displaying symbols of oppression that is being overturned.
    Travel is being banned so as not to spread the virus. In the me, me, me age of instant gratification, some people can’t seem to understand it is for their own safety and the safety of others. Try telling the family members of those who died that the virus is 99% harmless.

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    1. I abhor cruelty in any form, but PETA seem to take ‘animal rights’ to a level that doesn’t fit with today’s society. Maybe they should try reforming the Spanish instead of focusing on the wool trade.
      I disagree with you on symbols of oppression, but at least we can respect one another sufficiently to disagree.
      The whole of the USA is addicted to instant gratification, we English not so much. ❤


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