Scenes on Sunday ~ English Sports Cars

life’s too short to drive boring cars

Morgan Roadster

Lotus Europa

V12 E-Type Jaguar

MGA Twin Cam

Lotus Elan 2



jack collier

the Seven

you’re not a number

14 responses

  1. I always wanted to ride in a Jag. Maybe someday.

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    1. In the States I usually rent a Mustang, maybe next time it should be a Jaguar. ❤

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      1. But you can NEVER go wrong with a Mustang either! I doubt you could ever make a bad choice of cars.

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        1. I once owned a Light Weight Landrover. The ugliest, toughest little truck ever.

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  2. Oh! The Morgan and the MGA and the Seven! Breathless!

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    1. Nice cars. MGA Twin Cam

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  3. I have always wanted a V-12 Jag. This is a great montage of images! I was aware of all of them except the Marcos. I’ll have to look that one up….

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    1. The V12 drinks petrol like a dipsomaniac .
      Originally the Marcos had a plywood chassis.😎


      1. I’m sure the V-12 drinks like a fish. I think if I could afford a Jag I’d probably or maybe not worry about the cost of gas. Plywood chassis? Interesting to say the least. Thanks for the informative reply, Jack.

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  4. You really know your cars!! Awesome photos!

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    1. A cool car needs s great girl to ride in it ❤


        1. Any time you like Sweetheart. ❤

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