7 Years of Blogging

history is what you make of it, and the editor’s opinion is final

the first picture I posted ~ my old sports car SARA

Seven years ago, on or about 24 June 2013,  I started to write and publish this jackcollier7.com blog.  Looking back, I wonder what on Earth possessed me to think I could possibly do such a thing!  And the me from back the would have been amazed that the damn thing is still going about 2,557 days later!

Back then I knew nothing at all about blogging, other than I had read some pieces on some other people’s blogs.  I mean literally, I knew nothing about blogging, and there I was starting off to write what was to become a daily effort of blood, sweat, toil, and tears.

Originally this was all supposed to be about personal finance, and the wider world of Banking, Finance, Economics, and the Consumer Society.  It’s changed a bit since then.  These days I’m more likely to publish some erotic photographs with risque text to accompany them, as I am to write a piece about financial matters.  It’s actually up to you to decide whether you like my blog or not ~ but come what may I will write and publish what I want to write, just as long as it’s legal, honest, decent, and within my own ethical guidelines.

Since I started in June 2013, I have published 1,748 blogs.  I’ve written more than that because some of the stuff I wrote I thought was dross before I published it, and some of the stuff I’ve published I’ve trashed after it’s been published.  Even I sometimes have second thoughts.

In total there have been 9,651 comments on this blog, of which 3,328 are mine.  It says that I have 2,554 followers, but that number is hopelessly inaccurate ~ probably less than 100 people regularly read / like / comment on this stuff today.

What I do know is that I still have 3 very loyal followers from those very first days.  Some others who follow my blog have also been doing so for a very long, long time.

I guess I will go on writing because it does keep my mind active.  And, I have met some very interesting people through this blog, a few of whom have become very dear friends indeed.

Whether or not to go on writing just the same sort of stuff???

Or to try something completely utterly  different???

Honestly, I don’t know ~ what do you all think




my most frequently used picture

hmmmmm still features a car

11 responses

  1. Happy 7 years of blogging JC! Continue to do what you like, writing about what appeals to you. Blogging gives us a voice and a channel to vent or share. Love your sports car! So cool!

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    1. I believe that the nature of who we really are eventually reveals itself through our eclectic blogging. 😉

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      1. Indeed true! I agree!

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  2. I’m happy with your eclectic mix. Congrats! 🎈

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    1. Hey thank you Paula. ❤

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  3. Very cool sports car! As you asked for opinions I say more poetry and photography and no more pornography. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Magical Mermaid. ❤
      Your comments are noted. ❤

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  4. Congrats, Mr. Collier! Well done!! More poetry maybe? But it’s all good! 💗

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    1. Thank you Jan. More Poetry. ❤

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  5. First rule of blogging is to enjoy what you do. Congratulations on lasting 7 years. it’s a huge feat and a lot of work; I know.

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    1. Next to you I don’t even qualify for amateur status.
      But thank you for your kind words. 💕


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