she’s calling on the telephone

how does she always know just when to call?


she only calls when she’s lonely

she only calls when she needs me

and every time she calls she cries

she tells me her little love stories

then she tells me her bigger lies

she tells me how fine it could be

she just can’t look into my eyes

so, it’s time I said goodbye


jack collier


she’s lonely again

it’s just her choice of men

13 responses

  1. Women always pick the wrong type of men (sometimes it works most times it doesnt) all depends on the female.. me well im shit at it… i end up with the yeller or the screamer

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    1. You and so many other cool women seem to fall for utterly unsuitable guys ❤

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      1. Hmm true however, they are the ones that seem to put up with kaos and mahem my friend 😜

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  2. It’s just her choice of men…..😭😭😭

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    1. Or the women I fall for…❤❤❤


      1. I hear ya🤷🏽‍♀️

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  3. Reading my life there jack x

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    1. What did I say about repeating the same mistakes ❤


      1. Well, it wasn’t my intent… I’m not a leader hate it rather someone else make my decisions going forward

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      2. Finally I thought sighing in relief.. Then bang not going to happen oh well

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        1. I have been there, but I am leader, except when it comes to giving in to women. 💖

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      3. me have mistakes i laugh at that ,,,, actually no i never laugh jack collier

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        1. Some mistakes are too painful to laugh at. ❤

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