Getting Away From It All

thus the fear of danger is ten thousand times more powerful than the peril itself


The news here is England is crazy, which is not actually the mood of the country but rather the hysteria of the newsmakers and reporters themselves.

Factories lie idle, stores are closed, the very fabric of England lied rotting in the unseasonal June mist and cold rain.

Meanwhile those supposedly in charge are supine before mob rule by a minority of disaffected youths and opportunists,  none of whom deserve the name of Englishman.  Their latest target is Sir Winston Churchill, without whose steadfast courage they could well be living in a totalitarian German vassal state.  These stupid people make me sick.

I have a friend who is going to live in Missouri.  Seems I could by a decent parcel of land there for chump change.  All I would need out there is a vehicle, a building supplies store, and some tools.

It’s cool to know that when it comes to self-reliance I am several steps up from Robinson Crusoe.

Some say that Black Lives Rule.  And that justifies tearing down and negating statues of everyone who made Great Britain Great.  All I know is I’m glad I can live anywhere I want to.


jack collier

some may see a ruin

I see a project

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  1. Interesting. There seems to be an International pandemic of “revisionist history” in England, much like here in America.
    “All Lives matter…that which detracts from the lives of any of us demeans the lives of all of us.”
    Chazz Vincent

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